Search Guidelines

This page allows the identification of Pubmed abstracts, in which two or more concepts in specific context co-occur. The resulting list will contain all selected in the different facets terms.

The result list could be further narrowed using the defined filters.

How to use this search

  1. There are four search facets which are selected by default. You can change them by adding new and/or removing some of them.
  2. Start typing into input field of a facet. Based on the typed input the system will filter the top 100 keyword list and if no match is found will provide you the list of auto-suggest concepts.
  3. When a concept is selected, all the statistics will be re-calculated and the top 100 concepts lists will be reloaded. This will load and the relevant abstracts in the result list, below the facets.
  4. You can add multiple semantic concepts for one or different facets. You can remove any of the inputs by clicking the "x" of the color box.
  5. Use the filter facets (on the left side) to narrow you search. You can select multiple filters and values.
  6. Order results by clicking on the table headings. Repeat when need direction of ordering changed

Useful Tips

  1. You can explore the data in the repository just using the filter facets and combine it with selections of concepts from the facets
  2. Using semantic concepts (as blue box) in your search will include all synonyms and spelling variants of the term as search parameter.
  3. Add additional categories to your result using the "Add column" drop-down list. You can rearrange the columns in the result list, as well.
  4. All columns, which contain unique values per main entity, are sortable.
  5. Once a search is executed, an additional filter "Hit Fields" will display where the search criteria were found.
  6. Summary columns represent the main information about the clinical object (title, identifier, etc) and the search hits.