MSH: Normal cellular genes homologous to viral oncogenes. The products of proto-oncogenes are important regulators of biological processes and appear to be involved in the events that serve to maintain the ordered procession through the cell cycle. Proto-oncogenes have names of the form c-onc.,CSP: normal, nonpathogenic genes which, when mutated or otherwise altered, become oncogenes; many code for growth factors, growth factor receptors, genetic regulatory proteins, or other signal transduction molecules; compare with TUMOR SUPPRESSOR GENE and ONCOGENE.,NCI: A gene involved in normal cell growth. Mutations (changes) in a proto-oncogene may cause it to become an oncogene, which can cause the growth of cancer cells.,NCI: Oncogenes are altered forms of normal cellular genes called proto-oncogene. Many proto-oncogenes are homologous to viral oncogenes and involved in the control of cell proliferation or differentiation. Mutations, amplifications or rearrangements of proto-oncogenes lead to upregulated or deregul

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