Mild cognitive disorder


MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Some forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. However, some people have more <a href=''>memory</a> problems than other people their age. This condition is called mild cognitive impairment, or MCI. People with MCI can take care of themselves and do their normal activities.</p><p>MCI memory problems may include</p><ul><li>Losing things often</li><li>Forgetting to go to events and appointments</li><li>Having more trouble coming up with words than other people of the same age</li></ul><p>Your healthcare provider can do thinking, memory, and language tests to see if you have MCI. He or she also may suggest that you see a specialist for more tests. Because MCI may be an early sign of <a href=''>Alzheimer's disease</a>, it's really important to see your healthcare provider every 6 to 12 months.</p> At this time, there is no proven treatment for MCI. Your healthcare provider can check to see if y

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