Inflammatory Breast Carcinoma


NCI: A type of breast cancer in which the breast looks red and swollen and feels warm. The skin of the breast may also show the pitted appearance called peau d'orange (like the skin of an orange). The redness and warmth occur because the cancer cells block the lymph vessels in the skin.,MSH: Metastatic breast cancer characterized by EDEMA and ERYTHEMA of the affected breast due to LYMPHATIC METASTASIS and eventual obstruction of LYMPHATIC VESSELS by the cancer cells.,NCI: An advanced, invasive breast adenocarcinoma characterized by the presence of distinct changes in the overlying skin. These changes include diffuse erythema, edema, peau d'orange (skin of an orange) appearance, tenderness, induration, warmth, enlargement, and in some cases a palpable mass. The skin changes are the consequence of lymphatic obstruction from the underlying invasive breast adenocarcinoma. Microscopically, the dermal lymphatics show prominent infiltration by malignant cells. The invasive breast adenocarcinoma is usually of ductal,

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