ERBB2 gene


MSH: The erbB-2 gene is a proto-oncogene that codes for the erbB-2 receptor (RECEPTOR, ERBB-2), a protein with structural features similar to the epidermal growth factor receptor. Its name originates from the viral oncogene homolog (v-erbB) which is a truncated form of the chicken erbB gene found in the avian erythroblastosis virus. Overexpression and amplification of the gene is associated with a significant number of adenocarcinomas. The human c-erbB-2 gene is located at 17q21.2.,NCI: This gene plays a role in cellular proliferation and is involved in the oncogenic process through amplification and/or overexpression in several cancers.,NCI: Human Oncogene ErbB2 is a mutated variant of ERBB2 Gene, which encodes ERRB2 Receptor Protein Tyrosine Kinase, a 185-kDa type I membrane glycoprotein similar to EGFR that controls cell growth. Ligand binding increases ERBB2 tyrosine phosphorylation. A heterodimer with ERBB3 and ERBB4, p185ERBB2 is an essential component of the heregulin/neuregulin receptor. ERBB2 forms a

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