Malignant neoplasm of salivary gland


MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Your salivary glands make saliva - sometimes called spit - and empty it into your mouth through openings called ducts. Saliva makes your food moist, which helps you chew and swallow. It helps you digest your food. It also cleans your mouth and contains antibodies that can kill germs.</p><p>Salivary gland cancer is a rare disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the salivary glands. It may not cause any symptoms, or you could notice:</p><ul><li>A lump in your ear, cheek, jaw, lip, or inside the mouth</li><li>Fluid draining from your ear</li><li>Trouble swallowing or opening the mouth widely</li><li>Numbness, weakness, or pain in your face</li></ul><p>Treatment can include surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy.</p>,NCI: A rare cancer that forms in tissues of a salivary gland (gland in the mouth that makes saliva). Most salivary gland cancers occur in older people.

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