childhood brain tumor


MEDLINEPLUS: <p><a href=''>Brain tumors</a> are growths inside your skull. They are among the most common types of <a href=''>childhood cancers</a>. Some are benign tumors, which aren't cancer. They can still be serious. Malignant tumors are cancerous.</p><p>Symptoms of a brain tumor might include</p><ul><li>Headache</li><li>Vomiting and nausea</li><li>Personality changes</li><li>Depression</li><li>Trouble controlling muscles</li><li>Seizures</li><li>Vision or speech problems</li></ul><p>Treatment for children is sometimes different than for an adult. Long-term side effects are an important issue. The options also depend on the type of tumor and where it is. Removal of the tumor is often possible. If not, radiation, chemotherapy or both may be used.</p>,NCI: A benign or malignant, primary or metastatic neoplasm of the brain occurring in children.

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