Adrenal Cortical Adenoma


NCI: A benign neoplasm arising from any of the adrenal cortical layers.,MSH: A benign neoplasm of the ADRENAL CORTEX. It is characterized by a well-defined nodular lesion, usually less than 2.5 cm. Most adrenocortical adenomas are nonfunctional. The functional ones are yellow and contain LIPIDS. Depending on the cell type or cortical zone involved, they may produce ALDOSTERONE; HYDROCORTISONE; DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE; and/or ANDROSTENEDIONE.,NCI: A benign neoplasm that can arise from any of the adrenal cortical layers. It can be associated with the overproduction of glucocorticoids (Cushing's syndrome), androgenic or estrogenic steroids (adrenogenital syndrome), or mineralocorticoids (Conn's syndrome). (Sternberg Diagnostic Surgical Pathology, 3rd ed.)

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