Alagille Syndrome


MSH: A multisystem disorder that is characterized by aplasia of intrahepatic bile ducts (BILE DUCTS, INTRAHEPATIC), and malformations in the cardiovascular system, the eyes, the vertebral column, and the facies. Major clinical features include JAUNDICE, and congenital heart disease with peripheral PULMONARY STENOSIS. Alagille syndrome may result from heterogeneous gene mutations, including mutations in JAG1 on CHROMOSOME 20 (Type 1) and NOTCH2 on CHROMOSOME 1 (Type 2).,JABL: Intrahepatic cholestasis caused by paucity of interlobular bile ducts associated with cardiovascular and other anomalies. Major abnormalities include characteristic facies (prominent forehead, deeply set eyes, hypertelorism, straight nose, and pointed chin) sometimes referred to as cholestasis facies, hoarse voice, and a wide variety of other disorders. Moderate mental retardation occurs in about 15 %. Cerebrovascular complications may include the moyamoya syndrome (progressive obliteration of the intracranial carotid arteries and formati

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