MSH: Any of the infectious diseases of man and other animals caused by species of MYCOBACTERIUM.,CSP: infectious diseases of man and animals caused by Mycobacterium species and characterized by formation of tubercles and caseous necrosis in the tissues; any organ may be affected but in man the lung is the major seat of the disease and the usual portal through which the infection reaches other organs.,MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection caused by a germ called <em>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</em>. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but they can also damage other parts of the body. TB spreads through the air when a person with TB of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes or talks. If you have been exposed, you should go to your doctor for tests. You are more likely to get TB if you have a weak immune system. </p><p>Symptoms of TB in the lungs may include</p><ul> <li> A bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer </li> <li> Weight loss</li> <li> Coughing up blood or mucus</li> <li> Weakness or

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