Lens, Crystalline


MSH: A transparent, biconvex structure of the EYE, enclosed in a capsule and situated behind the IRIS and in front of the vitreous humor (VITREOUS BODY). It is slightly overlapped at its margin by the ciliary processes. Adaptation by the CILIARY BODY is crucial for OCULAR ACCOMMODATION.,CSP: transparent biconvex body of the eye situated between the posterior chamber and the vitreous body, constituting part of the refracting mechanism of the eye.,NCI: A biconvex transparent structure of the eye through which light is focused on the retina. The lens sits behind the iris and is supported by the zonule, which connects it to the ciliary body. The lens is an avascular structure. (NCI),NCI: A clear disk that focuses light, as in a camera or microscope. In the eye, the lens is a clear, curved structure at the front of the eye behind the pupil. It focuses light rays that enter the eye through the pupil, making an image on the retina (light-sensitive layers of nerve tissue at the back of the eye).,NCI: A biconvex trans

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