Genes, Homeobox


CSP: genes that code for DNA binding genetic regulatory proteins in a variety of organisms, so named for the homeotic genes of Drosophila.,MSH: Genes that encode highly conserved TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS that control positional identity of cells (BODY PATTERNING) and MORPHOGENESIS throughout development. Their sequences contain a 180 nucleotide sequence designated the homeobox, so called because mutations of these genes often results in homeotic transformations, in which one body structure replaces another. The proteins encoded by homeobox genes are called HOMEODOMAIN PROTEINS.,NCI: Highly conserved DNA sequences which have been identified in specific gene transcripts ranging from those of Drosophila melanogaster to mouse and human. Homeobox genes function, in part, to generate DNA-binding proteins with an evolutionary conserved approximately 60-residue sequence (HOMEODOMAIN PROTEINS).

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