Congenital Abnormality


MSH: Malformations of organs or body parts during development in utero.,MEDLINEPLUS: <p>A birth defect is a problem that happens while a baby is developing in the mother's body. Most birth defects happen during the first 3 months of pregnancy. One out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect.</p><p>A birth defect may affect how the body looks, works or both. Some birth defects like <a href=''>cleft lip</a> or <a href=''>neural tube defects</a> are structural problems that can be easy to see. To find others, like <a href=''>heart defects</a>, doctors use special tests. Birth defects can vary from mild to severe. Some result from exposures to medicines or chemicals. For example, alcohol abuse can cause <a href=''>fetal alcohol syndrome</a>. <a href='htt

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