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SubjectPredicateObjectContext D'Eustachio, P, 2009-05-29 07:44:22lld:biopax3 Jassal, B, 2009-04-14 09:13:21lld:biopax3 Jassal, B, 2009-04-14 09:13:21lld:biopax3 receptors (Burnstock G, 2006; Abbracchio MP et al, 2009) are a family of newly characterized plasma membrane molecules involved in several cellular functions such as vascular reactivity, apoptosis and cytokine secretion. The functions of these receptors are as yet only partially characterized. The family includes the GPCR P2Y purinergic receptors and adenosine P1 receptors. A third family member, the P2X receptor, is a ligand-gated ion channel.lld:biopax3 (purinergic) receptorslld:biopax3