Reye Syndrome


MSH: A form of encephalopathy with fatty infiltration of the LIVER, characterized by brain EDEMA and VOMITING that may rapidly progress to SEIZURES; COMA; and DEATH. It is caused by a generalized loss of mitochondrial function leading to disturbances in fatty acid and CARNITINE metabolism.,CSP: rare, acute, sometimes fatal disease of childhood, most often occurring as a sequel of varicella or a viral upper respiratory infection of childhood; marked by recurrent vomiting and elevated serum transaminase levels with distinctive changes in the liver and other viscera; an encephalopathic phase with acute brain swelling disturbances of consciousness and seizures may follow.,NCI: An acute and potentially fatal metabolic disorder characterized by cerebral edema, fatty liver and hypoglycemia. It occurs primarily in children and has been associated with the use of aspirin for the treatment of viral infections. However, it can also occur in the absence of aspirin use.,MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Reye syndrome is a rare illness that

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