MSH: A benign, non-neoplastic, usually self-limiting epithelial lesion closely resembling squamous cell carcinoma clinically and histopathologically. It occurs in solitary, multiple, and eruptive forms. The solitary and multiple forms occur on sunlight exposed areas and are identical histologically; they affect primarily white males. The eruptive form usually involves both sexes and appears as a generalized papular eruption.,CSP: benign papular lesion with a superficial crater filled with a keratin plug, usually on the face.,NCI: A rapidly growing, dome-shaped skin tumor that usually occurs on sun-exposed areas of the body, especially around the head and neck. Keratoacanthoma occurs more often in males. Although in most patients it goes away on its own, in a few patients it comes back. Rarely, it may spread to other parts of the body.,NCI: An epithelial skin neoplasm, composed of squamous cells, for which the malignancy status has not been established.,NCI: A dome-shaped, rapidly growing skin lesion composed

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