Breast Feeding


MSH: The nursing of an infant at the breast.,CSP: nursing of an infant at the mother's breast.,MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Breast feeding offers many benefits to your baby. Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients to help your infant grow into a strong and healthy toddler. Some of the nutrients in breast milk also help protect your infant against some common childhood illnesses and infections. It may also help your health. Certain types of cancer may occur less often in mothers who have breastfed their babies.</p><p>Women who don't have health problems should try to give their babies breast milk for at least the first six months of life. There are some cases when it's better not to breast feed. If you have HIV or active tuberculosis, you should not breast feed because you could give the infection to your baby. Certain medicines, illegal drugs, and alcohol can also pass through the breast milk and cause harm to your baby.</p><p style="font-weight:bold;font-style:italic;">NIH: National Institute of Child Health

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