MSH: An autosomal recessive disorder of lipid metabolism. It is caused by mutation of the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein that catalyzes the transport of lipids (TRIGLYCERIDES; CHOLESTEROL ESTERS; PHOSPHOLIPIDS) and is required in the secretion of BETA-LIPOPROTEINS (low density lipoproteins or LDL). Features include defective intestinal lipid absorption, very low serum cholesterol level, and near absent LDL.,CSP: disorder of lipid metabolism inherited as an autosomal recessive trait characterized by the near absence of apolipoprotein B and apoB containing lipoproteins in plasma; microsomal triglyceride transfer protein is deficient or absent in enterocytes; clinical and laboratory findings include acanthocytosis, hypocholesterolemia, peripheral neuropathy, posterior column degeneration, ataxia, and steatorrhea; intellectual abilities may also be impaired.,NCI: An autosomal recessive disorder characterized by defective absorption of dietary fat, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins. It results in mult

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