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CSP: aspects of female morphology in a XY genotype caused by defects in cellular receptors for testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, transmitted as an x-linked trait.,JABL: Sexual ambiguity in males due to a sexual differentiation disorder caused by testicular failure to respond to androgens. The affected males have abdominal and inguinal testes, female external genitalia and breasts, blind vaginas, and absent uteri. Some patients have absent pubic and axillary hair, hence the synonym "hairless pseudofemale." Mental retardation occurs in some cases.,NCI: A disorder of sexual development in persons with 46XY karyotype, characterized by an abnormality of the genes encoding androgen receptors. It results in a female sex appearance or the development of both male and female characteristics.,MSH: A disorder also known as complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS). The 46,XY genetic male totally lacks androgen responsiveness in the target organs thus exhibits a female phenotype.
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