Usher Syndrome


CSP: hereditary disorder believed to occur in two forms: (1) characterized by congenital deafness and severe retinitis pigmentosa, and (2) in which the inner ear and retina are less severely affected; most cases are transmitted as autosomal recessive trait, but some forms are X-linked.,MEDLINEPLUS: <p>Usher syndrome is an inherited disease that causes serious hearing loss and retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disorder that causes your vision to worsen over time. It is the most common condition that involves both hearing and vision problems. </p><p>There are three types of Usher syndrome: </p><ul><li> People with type I are deaf from birth and have severe balance problems from a young age. Vision problems usually develop by age 10 and lead to blindness.</li><li> People with type II have moderate to severe hearing loss and normal balance. Vision problems develop in the early teens and progress more slowly than in type I.</li><li> People with type III are born with normal hearing and near-normal balance but develop v

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