Sex Cord-Stromal Tumor


NCI: A rare type of cancer that forms in the tissues that support the ovaries or testes. These tumors may release sex hormones. Sex cord-gonadal stromal tumors include granulosa cell, Sertoli cell, and Leydig cell tumors.,NCI: A neoplasm originating from the gonadal sex cord stroma, for which the status of malignancy has not been determined.,MSH: Neoplasms derived from the primitive sex cord or gonadal stromal cells of the embryonic GONADS. They are classified by their presumed histogenesis and differentiation. From the sex cord, there are SERTOLI CELL TUMOR and GRANULOSA CELL TUMOR; from the gonadal stroma, LEYDIG CELL TUMOR and THECOMA. These tumors may be identified in either the OVARY or the TESTIS.,NCI: A neoplasm arising in the ovary or testis. It is composed of granulosa cells, Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, and fibroblasts. Each of these cell types may constitute the only cellular component that is present in the neoplasm or it may be mixed with other cell types in various combinations. The prognosis ca

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