Sturge-Weber Syndrome


MSH: A non-inherited congenital condition with vascular and neurological abnormalities. It is characterized by facial vascular nevi (PORT-WINE STAIN), and capillary angiomatosis of intracranial membranes (MENINGES; CHOROID). Neurological features include EPILEPSY; cognitive deficits; GLAUCOMA; and visual defects.,JABL: A group of neurocutaneous disorders manifested by facial and leptomeningeal angiomas, ipsilateral gyriform calcifications of the cerebral cortex, seizures, development delay, hemiplegia, emotional and behavioral problems, and glaucoma and other ocular disorders. Nevus flammeus on the side of the face ipsilateral to angiomatosis sometimes extends to neck, chest, and back. Angiomatosis may occasionally involve the choroid plexus, thyroid, pituitary gland, lungs, gastrointestinal organs, pancreas, ovaries, and thymus. Correlation between the distribution of the nevus and the course of the trigeminal nerve is responsible for naming the syndrome "trigemino-encephalo-angiomatosis," but later findings

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