Scleredema Adultorum


MSH: A diffuse, non-pitting induration of the skin of unknown etiology that occurs most commonly in association with diabetes mellitus, predominantly in females. It typically begins on the face or head and spreads to other areas of the body, sometimes involving noncutaneous tissues. Often it is preceded by any of various infections, notably staphylococcal infections. The condition resolves spontaneously, usually within two years of onset. (From Dorland, 27th ed),CSP: diffuse, symmetrical, wooden, nonpitting hardening of the skin; etiology unknown; usually begins on the face, head, or neck and spreads to the shoulders, arms, and chest; usually preceded by a staphylococcal or other infection.,NCI: A usually benign and self-limited skin disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by induration of the skin. It may be associated with infection, diabetes mellitus, and hematologic malignancies. Morphologically, there is deposition of mucin in the dermis.

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