lymph nodes


MSH: They are oval or bean shaped bodies (1 - 30 mm in diameter) located along the lymphatic system.,CSP: any of the accumulations of lymphoid tissue organized as definite lymphoid organs, varying from 1 to 25 mm in diameter situated along the course of lymphatic vessels and consisting of an outer cortical and an inner medullary part; the main source of lymphocytes of the peripheral blood and, as part of the reticuloendothelial system, serves as a defense mechanism by removing noxious agents, such as bacteria and toxins.,NCI: A rounded mass of lymphatic tissue that is surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue. Lymph nodes filter lymph (lymphatic fluid), and they store lymphocytes (white blood cells). They are located along lymphatic vessels.,NCI: A bean-shaped organ surrounded by a connective tissue capsule. It is part of the lymphatic system and is found through out the body. It is composed predominantly of lymphocytes and its main function is immune protection. (NCI),NCI: A bean-shaped organ surrounded b

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