UWDA: Lobular organ the parenchyma of which consists of lobules which communicate with the biliary tree. Examples: There is only one liver.,CSP: large gland of a dark-red color situated in the upper part of the abdomen on the right side; comprised of thousands of minute lobules, the functional units of the liver; functions include the storage and filtration of blood, secretion of bile, excretion of bilirubin and other substances formed elsewhere, and numerous metabolic functions, including the conversion of sugars into glycogen, which it stores.,NCI: A large organ located in the upper abdomen. The liver cleanses the blood and aids in digestion by secreting bile.,FMA: Lobular organ which has as its parts lobules connected to the biliary tree. Examples: There is only one liver.,NCI: A triangular-shaped organ located under the diaphragm in the right hypochondrium. It is the largest internal organ of the body, weighting up to 2 kg. Metabolism and bile secretion are its main functions. It is composed of cells whic

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